Thursday, May 19, 2011

Running on shrooms

Oh man, I just had a fantastic experience. But I need to write a little background info before I can tell of my experience. I started to grow mushrooms or more specifically psilocybe cubensis since I wanted to experience them. I had a couple good trips so far, with the one before this one being a largely profound glimpse into reality. Well, I was doing some pruning since some of the mushrooms weren't growing properly. I had a small bag of these malformed shrooms and they weren't really worthy of being dehydrated. So since I had a some free time, I decided to eat them. Now since I did shrooms less than 5 days prior, I kinda wasn't feeling any affects from the shrooms I just ingested. Yea I was calm and I could see waves, but it wasn't like the previous trip where I questioned what it means to be alive and human. Well around 7:30 my stepdad came home. Since we had previously made plans to go for a jog, he came to my room and invited me to go. Me, being somewhat high on shrooms, said no, but I decidedly changed my mind since I felt like I had some energy and can't get enough of exercising.

 So off we went. Immediately I noticed a change in perspective than when I usually run. It was as if I was watching a movie from a first-person perspective of a jogger. My step-dad likes to run in the nature preserve by our house. That coupled with it turning dusk made the "movie" so much more enjoyable. I seemed to be disconnected from my body. I subconsciously realized it was just a machine and my brain was truly. My "machine body" could be treated as any machine and pushed hard to perform however I so pleased. I "sensed" my tiredness, but it didn't effect my will to continue running. I ran and conversed with my stepdad for the entire time. I continuously exclaimed of my large amounts of energy and whenever I got a chance, demonstrated it by running ahead of him at full speed until an intersection. (I would have continued running if I had known where to go next). He seemed to have noticed my increased amount of energy, and while I am not sure, he seemed to test me whether I was truly energized by running longer than the predetermined time of 20 mins. He went down different paths and back through ones we just ran. But of course I was not faking. My body was just a machine, and my brain, the controller, could push it to seemingly no limits. We eventually stopped running once we got to the lookout. He told me that we had been running for about 36 mins. The longest I ever ran before, but I still had energy. I told him that I was going to continue running to the baseball park and I'll return home afterwards. I invited him to join, but he declined.  So off I went running to the park. I never imagined in my life that I could do such a thing. Run for such a long period without feeling the effects of exhaustion. I ran to the park, thinking the entire time that any moment now would be the one where I could no longer continue to run. But I got to the park without fail. I past by it and before me faced a daunting hill. I was only able to run halfway before I realized my body was giving out. So I stopped to run for a minute, going up about a little more than halfway up the hill before I continued to run some more. I ran all the way back home, even passing the point where I typically stopped. I felt like I could run forever. I got to my house and it took some will power to convince myself to halt and walk a few steps to cool down.

Once at home, I still did not feel the effects of exhaustion. The only indicator I may be tired was this odd sense of lightheadness; however I could still grit through it with minimal concentration. My mind was still feeling the effects of the shrooms, even as I sat down to eat dinner. Even now, as I type this. I don't completely know if it is the shrooms, or the lightheadedness that is making feel a bit different. However, I feel so alert and energized. Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight for tomorrow I had to go to work. My shrooms are the medicine of gods. No other gift of mother earth could open your mind to the truth of the world or give you the power to run for miles. I wonder what would happen if I took shrooms before going to lift weights.

A thought for another day.

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  1. lmao... interesting point of view on shrooms.